Ninety-five cents of every dollar donated to ONWT goes to direct mission support. All donations, whether financial or merchandise, are fully tax deductible.

Your donations feed, clothe, provide furnishings, appliances, bedding and housewares, heat, hygiene products, give hope, provide therapy and save lives!

You invest in keeping our humanitarian programs alive allowing children, adults and elders to smile and know someone cares about their plight.

Monetary donations provide us with the most flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. Your financial gifts are used to sponsor the costs of our truck shipments of merchandise and all our programs.

We see babies smile when given a new, warm blanket; a mother’s eyes swell with tears of gratitude as she unpacks a box of food; a youngster excited about the family receiving new pots, pans and dishes; and the smile on a man’s face, who has two amputated legs, when he jumps onto a new wheelchair and says, “now, I am more than half the man I used to be,” with tears streaming down his face.

For your reference, we have provided a list of donations we DO NOT accept, in the hopes that this will assist you in further considering potential donations to our organization.



To donate with credit card, fill out the form below and select a monthly, annual or one time donation. 

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