Read about One Nation

What is One Nation Walking Together?

One Nation Walking Together is a non-profit charitable organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado committed to making a positive difference in the lives of Native Americans. We are not funded by any government agency nor are we affiliated with any religious entity.

We are a proactive and creative organization that is efficient, effective and innovative using our limited resources in realizing a vision of service to those living in Indian Country. We are good stewards to our donors and partners. We have a demonstrated history of serving  those in "need."

How does One Nation Help?

Through generous support from donors throughout the United States, One Nation Walking Together has sent hundreds of shipments of food, furniture, hygiene products, medical supplies, house wares, building materials and education supplies to the neediest communities in the United States. Merchandise and services provided to our Native brothers and sisters are based on the needs of the People. We only provide those goods and services specifically asked for as we are not a DUMP & RUN charity.

Who receives the goods that One Nation sends to the communities?

One Nation Walking Together works with Native American community leaders to ensure the goods are distributed where the need is the greatest. This includes individual families, senior housing, social service agencies, food banks, schools, missions and clinics. We serve those Urban Indians within the state of Colorado and those residing on reservations in Montana, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico and Arizona.

Who Supports One Nation?

In a word, YOU! Financial contributions and donated goods are received from individuals, businesses, clubs, schools, and service and civic organizations. Many churches, individuals and schools provide gifts for children and elders for Christmas holiday giving. Individuals and service organizations volunteer to help sort goods and load trucks.  Others work toward community awareness and fundraising events.

One Nation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  All contributions are fully tax deductible.  Ninety five cents of every dollar donated go to the programs.  One Nation receives no governmental funding and relies solely on individual and business donations to keep our doors open.  Financial donations are always needed and gratefully appreciated.